What Makes Maldives Holidays So Popular

What Makes Maldives Holidays So Popular?

The beautiful Maldives are perfect for holidays for travellers based all over the world. There are regular flights to India and the capital of the Maldives, Male. From here, you have access by speed boat or sea plane to over 1,900 atolls, or islands, that make up the archipelago.

Maldives holidays are ideal for those looking for a getaway island retreat, a spa break in stunning settings, a family holiday with water-sports and entertainment, or a romantic trip away for two. It could be a honeymoon or a regular family vacation; it’s just so perfect for anyone looking for a fantastic holiday. The reason it is so popular is down the sheer natural beauty that each island has.

Azure waters, white sand and deliciously food are just some of the reasons why many people choose Maldives holidays for their vacation. With stunning resorts, infinity swimming pools, a wide range of spa treatments and a place to relax and unwind make the Maldives a favourite tourist destination.

What to Expect from Your Maldives Holidays

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There are outdoor showers for cooling off in the midday sun, private beaches, access to the lagoons from your suite or room, and apartments that stand on stilts in the water. The way the Maldives have lagoons from being protected from the Indian Ocean means the water is warm, calm and crystal clear so you can see all of the natural marine life that is beneath the water.

This makes you feel like you’re on a desert island but one with all the mod-cons you could ever wish for. Thanks to delicate decoration and furnishings, it means you have all the luxuries you could ever wish for, and the views and scenery that complete your Maldives holidays.

People going on Maldives holidays have two things in mind, the sun and the scenery. The Maldives have an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius all year round. Even the monsoon season doesn’t affect this part of Asia compared to others. It’s still warm and resists rainfall due to the location in the middle of one of the largest oceans.

Having the constant sun shining and it not being too hot means that you can easily spend time sunbathing, playing water-sports or navigating the island by foot or by boat island-hopping to the next, so you can really enjoy yourself.

As the islands are so beautiful the resorts have matched the beauty and are often 5 www.medicine20.org star. They are regularly updated and enhanced to keep up to modern times, and all feature modern amenities that you’d find in top hotels in major cities. This is why going on Maldives holidays is so popular.