Luxury Maldives Holidays

Luxury Maldives Holidays

The Maldives are a group of more than 1900 beautiful islands, which are located in the stunning Indian Ocean. Maldives holidays have been a top choice for those who want a luxury holiday in paradise for many years and are seeing no sign of tourists going elsewhere. There was a time when a holiday to the Maldives was out of reach for many travelers, however with an influx in flights, Maldives holidays packages and new and affordable hotels being built it is much more affordable for all to enjoy a trip to the glorious nation.

Simply Maldives Holidays has a vast array of tailor made packages for you to choose from. Most of which are available for all budgets and needs. Whether you a family looking for an all inclusive package holiday to the Maldives, a single traveler looking to island hop, or a newlywed couple looking for a luxury Maldives holiday there is sure to be something to suit your individual needs.

About Maldives Holidays

As the Maldives is located what could possibly be one of the world’s most beautiful natural settings, it is often the main choice of destination for those who want a holiday that they can remember for the rest of their days. With many habitable islands to choose from the Maldives is also perfect for those who are looking to get away from the fast pace and hustle and bustle of city life back in the UK, especially since the Maldives enables you to experience that real island like holiday.

Those who enjoy water sports or marine life also choose Maldives holidays, as there are endless activities on offer for you to enjoy. For instance, scuba diving is one of the most popular activities travelers tend to enjoy, as there is a plethora of coral reefs abundant with more than 1100 different varies of marine life for you to discover.

If you love to explore and sightsee, Simply Maldives Holidays suggest you do so aboard on one of the nation’s many luxury boats. Live-aboard boats are able to carry many guests, and are perfect for tourists who want to explore some of the Maldives 1900 atolls, rather than stay in one place during their holiday. The boats will, when weather permits, take you on a trip of a lifetime to several of the nation’s most beautiful islands, occasionally stopping at top spots allowing water lovers to indulge in a spot of scuba diving. In addition to being able to admire some of the Maldives coral reefs and colorful fish, there are also boat trips which allow you to see some of the Indian Oceans more fiery residents – whale sharks.

Aboard the boats, you will find that many boast a range of first class facilities. For instance, some luxury Maldives holidays boasts have well equipped luxury rooms where you are able to stay overnight and really make the most of your time in the Maldives. Many will also have amenities such as an onboard restaurant, where you can dine during the day and sometimes in the evening under the stars.

Other activities you are able to enjoy amongst the Indian Ocean include jet skiing, sailing, deep sea fishing and windsurfing. If it is activities you want, you certainly won’t be disappointed when choosing to book your holiday with Simply Maldives Holidays this year.

Unwind with Simply Maldives Holidays

If like most of us, you just want to relax as much as possible during your annual holiday, then Simply Maldives Holidays has plenty on offer for you. The Maldives is home to a large selection of first class resorts and hotels, which are perfect if you simply want to lie beneath the warm Maldivian sun, take dips into the pool or glistening ocean and simply – relax.

With such as vast range of accommodation options available for you, you are sure to find the perfect hotel or resort to suit both your needs and budget. For instance, Simply Maldives Holidays has a great selection of luxury resort s for you to choose from. These resorts often boast a great range of facilities and amenities, and are within close proximity to the nation’s major airports. You will find that you can choose a resort via Simply Maldives Holidays that has everything from a first class spa, several restaurants and even on-site bars. What’s more is you can even find resorts, which have everything from private ocean villas, garden villas to stylish, yet affordable hotel rooms.

Nowadays the Maldives attracts a wider range of tourists, in addition to newlyweds and couples. It is therefore, common to find that many Maldives resorts are family friendly, thus is a perfect destination for those who would like to bring their children on holiday with them. Simply Maldives Holidays has a great range of hotels and resorts for families, with many offering large villas with two or more bedrooms, as well as resorts with children’s clubs, babysitting facilities and dedicated children’s pools.

Enjoy Maldives Holidays and be pampered

As well as being located in a truly magical and breathtaking location, and abundant with many activities for you to enjoy, the Maldives is also the perfect place to go if you are looking to be pampered.

Many of the resorts available for you to book at Simply Maldives Holidays have several first class facilities’ should you wish to indulge and be pampered. Many resorts in the Maldives have their very own on-site spa, which enables you to really unwind and treat yourself. Spa treatments do vary, with some being influenced by surrounding countries offering treatments inspired by locations such as Asia or India. Whether you want a full body massage, beauty treatment or rejuvenating body scrub spas in Maldives resorts are perfect and often have a vast range of things for you to choose from.