How to Cite a Short Story in an Essay

How to Cite a Short Story in an Essay

Citing relies on the given paper format of the essay. However, when citing a short story, one requires providing information regarding the story as well as the website or anthology you found it in(1). Citations help the readers to get more information in relation to the subject matter of your topic. Whenever you appropriately cite a short story, your audience will be able to find it in case they want to carry out more research. The following methods are used when citing a short story in an essay.

Using the Author’s Name and the Page Number

When citing a short story in your essay, the first step to follow is to incorporate the author’s name as well as the page number. Therefore, in every in-text citation, the writer should write the author’s last name and the page number from which you got the cited information from. Normally, both the author’s name and the page number are placed right after the original words and also before putting any punctuation marks. For instance, in ‘‘Sample Story” the Muslims believed that… (John 43). Furthermore, if you state the author’s name within the same sentence, you are only supposed to write the page number after the borrowed statement. For example, in John’s ‘’Sample Story,” the Muslims believed that….. (43).

Use the Authors Name and Story Title

While citing a short story, the writer can start by stating the author’s last name, then the first name followed by the short story’s title. For example, John, Smith. ‘’Sample Story Title.”

Mention the Anthology Information

Some of the short stories are a collection of works by a certain editor. However, in such cases, the writer is required to name as well as italicize the anthologies’ title. Also, one is required to name the short story editor. For instance, John, Smith. ‘’Story Title.” A collection of stories. Ed. Nicholas Jay.

Include Publication Information

During a short story citation, you are also supposed to write the publishers information which includes publication city, the name of the publisher as well as the year in which the short story was published although it does not have to be the original publication year. Moreover, if the short story is a print work, one has to include the word print at the end of the citation. Example, John, Smith. ‘’Story Title.”  A collection of Stories. Ed. Nicholas Jay. New York: WikiHow Publishing, 2010. 43-48. Print.

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